Vignesh Sivan who turned into a lit Ramana for Sita .. Who is the hut Samantha who watered Aathula Pora

Kathuvakkula 2, a romantic film directed by Vignesh Sivan and starring Vijay Sethupathi, is all set to release. Nayanthara and Samantha are the two big heroines in this movie and it has created a lot of anticipation among the fans.

The two have been told that there is a huge rivalry in the screen world and they have acted without any ego in this film. In fact, after starring in this film, a good friendship developed between the two of them.

As a way of expressing it the two are expressing their friendship by giving each other gifts and spending time together. And all the songs and trailer featured in this movie have captivated the fans immensely.

Fans who have seen a song sequence of the recently released film are raising some questions against the director. I mean in that song scene Nayantara is dancing in a very modest sari and Samantha in a very minimalist glamorous outfit.

This is what is currently causing a controversy. Vignesh Sivan is going to marry Nayantara in a homely look and leave Samantha alone to play the role of Glamor. This is how he has portrayed not only the song but the entire film.

Fans who have seen this are questioning against the director whether the girl you are tying up is a fair one for Samantha. And he’s the wife of another, and they are asking if you’re going to act like this if you’m divorced.

Fans have been recording their comments that Vignesh Sivan is currently turning into a Sita-like Raman who would have played Sita in a movie with Nayanthara. On the other hand, looking at Samantha, they are also wondering what the situation is with the Attula Pora water hut.

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