Vijay, Ajith who betrayed Rajini .. only the leader is unreliable

Ajith and Vijay are working together to destroy the identity of Tamil cinema superstar Rajini. Rajini has been giving many failed films since then.

They are bringing in new directors to the cinema and sending the director to Rajini with failed films as if they were winning through them. Because the same AR Murugadoss who gave the hit films to the head commander, directed the failed film directed by superstar Rajini’s Darbar.

Similarly, Siruthai Siva, who gave Thala Ajith’s super hit mass films like Veeram, Vedalam, Vivekam, Viswasam, and then last year’s Superstar starrer Annatha, was a huge setback for Rajini.

Before that, Rajini, directed by Karthik Supuraj, has given a failed film called Betta. Superstar Rajini has handed over her 169th film to young developing director Nelson Dileepkumar.

Currently he is directing the Beast movie starring Commander Vijay which is getting mixed reviews despite being a theatrical success. So fans are eagerly waiting to see how he is going to put Rajini in the next film as the Beast film has not received the expected level of reception.

Therefore, only if the film meets the expectations of the fans without spoiling it, will Nelson have the chance to shoot big heroes in the days to come.

If not, he will disappear without a trace of the director. So this dilemma is expected to be a turning point not only for Nelson but also for Rajini, who continues to give a failed film.

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