Vijay always gives voice for Tamils ​​.. but who is he till now

Vijay Films is a commercial success for everyone in terms of collections. Sun Pictures, Vijay, Nelson, Anirudh formed a huge alliance and the film started. Many news came out without a famine for excitement.

The songs of the film were unexpectedly enjoyed by the people of the world. The release of the film on April 13 received mixed reviews and gave Vijay a bad name. The film did not meet with the expected success. It is still receiving a lot of bad reviews today.

There was no response from Vijay. Information from the director’s side The director has told Vijay a family comedy story. Vijay has instructed the director to turn the story into an action-comedy story to catch Vijay. The film went on to fail to say that Vijay too was right in getting the callsheet.

The opening ceremony of Vijay 66 was held and the first phase of shooting was completed in Hyderabad. It has been reported that Vijay has asked to shoot the next phase in Chennai. Vijay wants Pepsi to be held in Chennai for workers. The production company has agreed to this.

Vijay puts his nose in all their things. The production company is confused as to whether it needs to be changed and the question being asked to change. The Beast film embraced failure due to Vijay’s intervention. The production company is scared because of this.

Production Company Visit You only watch the performance We take care of the rest. We have assured Vijay that the film will be a treat for your fans more than you think. It seems that Telugu directors do not have the same respect for Vijay as Tamil directors.

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