Vijay brand can not be destroyed by anyone .. He is the owner of the record

Beast movie starring Vijay was released after the huge success of Master movie. Nelson, who directed the hit films Kolamau Kokila as Doctor, created great anticipation when the film was made as a Sun Pictures production. The release of the trailer after the huge hit of the songs from the film added to that expectation even more. The business of the film also took place on a large scale.

The film, which was released on the 13th, started getting mixed reviews on the first day. Although it is now commonplace to receive mixed reviews when a great actor’s film is released, the film fails to impress some fans.

However, the first day film grossed over Rs 38 crore and was officially declared the highest grossing first day film ever released in Tamil. However it was widely reported that the film was not a big hit except for the first day. Tirupur Subramaniam, president of the Film Distributors Association, is currently interviewing about the Beast film collection.

It is true that the film received mixed reviews, however, fans flocked to see a star like Vijay, and Vijay had a lot of family fans as the film was all about action, comedy and song. People often come to see his film with family during the holidays because he is often attracted to children.

None of these people care much about these criticisms. Therefore, the bookings for the second week are better than the first two days after the release of the film, which crossed Rs 100 crore. Similarly, Vijay has grown beyond criticism and competition.

Tirupur Subramaniam has said that his films will not be greatly affected by the criticisms, it is an unbelievable development of his, as far as we are concerned the film has earned good collections and the film has taken profits in most of the places where it has been screened. He also said that the film has been released in Tamil and is currently on the list of films that have grossed over Rs 200 crore.

Tirupur Subramaniam has said that the whole reason for the collection of the film is only the mass image of Vijay. Although the Beast film had a small impact due to the positive reviews of the KGF2 film, the Beast film collection says that it is not possible in Tamil Nadu to bring down a star image of Vijay. It is noteworthy that KGF2 has also grossed over Rs 75 crore in Tamil Nadu.

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