Vijay is a famous actor who was scared by the fans and ran halfway

Generally if Commander Vijay is slandered in public and in movies Vijay fans will go to any lengths. One of the celebrities who starred in Vijay’s movie has run away from the theater to see who Vijay’s fans are.

Directed by KS Ravi’s Shah Jahan in 2001, the film stars Commander Vijay and Richa Pallot Divakaran Krishna in the lead roles. The film was composed by Manicharma and was well received by the fans.

Meanwhile, in the film, Vijay falls in love with the heroine Richa as One Side. Similarly, Krishnan, who played Vijay’s close friend, also falls in love with the heroine. Commander Vijay does not tell love to the heroine till the end for his friend for fear that it will become a problem if he tells his love outside.

Unaware of this, Vijay’s friend and heroine help him to fall in love by giving him detailed tips. Eventually at the climax Vijay is forced to marry both of them. Krishna fans will then scold Krishna terribly for that. Vijay fans will seriously judge Krishna as to whether you have the courage to fall in love with Vijay’s girlfriend.

Divakaran Krishnan, who once went to the cinema in Chennai to watch the film, said that Vijay’s fans saw him angrily and were shocked. Despite her beauty and talent, Divakaran Krishna quit acting in Tamil cinema due to the incident that took place after this film.

Fans of the leading actors have been doing this to this day, despite many people saying that it is wrong to take the story of a movie seriously without looking at it as a story. Even recently, Netizens have been watching Vijay’s Beast movie, which did not run well, leaving Vijay’s fans under pressure. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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