Vijay is a film actor who went missing without a chance

In cinema one does not always stand still. It only applies to the biggest actors. Those who are supporting actors can not last long even if they have played some good character. Sometimes this only applies to great actors.

Actor Balaji made his debut in Radhika’s Siddhi series which aired from 1999 to 2001. He changed his name to Daniel Balaji as his role as Daniel was well received. From the serial then in April and appeared in minor roles in the film I fell in love with Dhanush

But director Gautam Vasudev Menon, who had acted in the film Kakka Kakka, again acted as the villain in Kamal’s Hunting Game with him and stunned everyone. It was this film that brought him to the Tamil fans. He then reunited with Dhanush in Vetrimaran’s villainous film.

He also acted as the protagonist in some films during the period when he was known as the good villain. He went on to star in Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films following his fame as a hunter. He appeared as a villain to many leading heroes in Tamil like Vijay, Ajith, Dhanush and Simbu.

The last most talked about character in his performance was Vetrimaran’s brother in North Chennai. The character was not talked about much though he later starred in the film Bikil along with Vijay. Suddenly after that film he is currently missing in the cinema.

His last release was Gautham Karthik, co-starring with Cheran. But it embraced failure. Daniel Balaji, who has reached the fans with his unique acting, wants to act in films again.

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