Vijay is a film actress who has given 3 consecutive failed films .. The market is collapsing

Some actresses get a chance in the films of the great actors of the newcomers and their market goes to the peak. But sometimes their films fail miserably and the market plummets. The same situation is happening to Vijay film actress now.

Actress Pooja Hegde made her debut in Tamil with the film Mukamoodi. Following this, Pooja acted in some films and acted in Telugu and Hindi films due to lack of scope in Tamil. Thus he has a united fan base in Telugu.

Also, Pooja Hegde got the opportunity to star in films of leading actors on a huge budget in a very short period of time. Thus his market was at its peak. But all three films in which he starred continued to flop, as if the hand had not reached the mouth.

The Saho film starring Bhagwati fame Prabhas was made on a huge budget. Pooja Hegde played the heroine in this film. The film was a huge failure. Following this, Pooja also acted in the Tamil film Beast directed by Nelson and starring Vijay.

The film also received negative reviews and failed. In this situation Pooja Hegde had full faith in the last Acharya film. But the film was not as successful as expected due to its recent release.

Following this, all three films starring Pooja Hegde failed and his market is currently declining. Thus Pooja Hegde is in extreme anxiety. Currently many producers are afraid to choose Pooja Hegde in big heroes films. Pooja Hegde is in a situation where she can get the next film opportunity only if her salary is reduced.

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