Vijay is like Dhoni .. a cricketer who has become an ardent fan

Recently released movie Beast starring Vijay. Following the huge success of the master film, the anticipation for the film was high among the fans. But the Beast film was released and received mixed reviews.

But is said to have seen good profits in the collection. The main reason for this is Vijay. His fans will give the film a commercial success anyway. SJ Surya, who was recently interviewed by the media, had also said this.

That means Family Audience is for visitors only. Only when he sees the film can he see his family and children coming to the theaters. SJ Surya had said that Vijay’s films have become blockbuster hits.

Cricketer Dinesh Karthik has said that Vijay is like Dhoni in this situation. That means the stadium will vibrate when Dhoni comes to the cricket ground. There will be great applause among the fans. Similarly, if Vijay appears on the screen, the theater will vibrate.

Whoever said then that the film was released was not valid there. Similarly Vijay had bravely released his film without thinking back on the KGF film. Vijay fans are very happy to know what Dinesh Karthik said in this situation.

Whatever it is is true. Vijay’s film alone is making such a splash in theaters. Everyone from celebrities to fans are amazed at Vijay’s phenomenal growth.

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