Vijay puts a stop to Kamal’s desire .. There is no point in leaving a message to a successful director

Vijay is currently busy acting in Vamsi directed Commander 66 movie. Lokesh Kanagaraj will next direct his 67th film. The film, which will be reunited after the Master movie, is scheduled to release on October 3.

Puja was also offered for the master movie on the same date. It is noteworthy that the Master movie released last year did well. Based on that sentiment, Lokesh Kanagaraj wants to perform puja on the same date.

In this case, another interesting thing has been leaked. Lokesh Kanagaraj is currently finishing directing Vikram with Kamala. The soon-to-be-released film has worldwide acclaim.

And through this film a good friendship has developed between Kamal and Lokesh Kanagaraj. Lokesh Kanagaraj, an ardent fan of Kamal, has now become Kamal’s favorite. Kamal is saying one thing to him based on that friendship.

That means Kamal has produced a lot of films on behalf of his Rajkamal Films company. Kamal, who is currently in the process of making several films, has long wanted to make a film with Vijay.

Due to the friendship Vikram got through the film he has sent a message to Vijay telling Lokesh Kanagaraj about this matter. He too is currently flying to Hyderabad for Kamal to see Vijay.

There he told the visitor about the matter and asked for his consent. For that, Vijay must make a film in Kamal’s production. But a report has now surfaced saying that this film should not be made, the next film can be made. With this, it seems that Vijay has given the green light to give his 68th film to Kamal.

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