Vijay Sethupathi who showed fear to Vetrimaran

Vijay Sethupathi is currently alternately acting in monopoly films. In that sense, one film a month is waiting for the release of many films starring him.

One of them is the release film in which Suri plays the hero in the hit movie. Vijay Sethupathi, who came to play the guest role in this film, is currently playing the lead role. Thus many of his shots remain untouched.

Vetrimaran had calculated that he would finish the film in a very short time and move on to the next Vadivasal film. But now Vijay Sethupathi is suffering from not knowing what to do as he dragged the rest of the scenes unfinished.

Meanwhile, Vetrimaran was about to start a film called Vadivasal with Surya. But Surya who saw him being so late has now gone for acting in Bala’s direction. The film is expected to finish shooting soon. Since then, some more films have been made starring Surya.

Thus the winner is in the tension of where Vadivasal will not be able to start the film. So Vijay Sethupathi is under a lot of pressure but he is in a position to do nothing.

Because talking about this is the fear of what Manusan will do if he still spends days without coming to the shooting. So Vetrimaran has decided to remain silent till the end of the shooting of the release film.

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