Vijay speaks Mass verse about Hindi language … Applause in the theater

Vijay’s Beast movie has been released today. Fans have also started celebrating and it is no longer raining Vijay’s Beast collections.

Criticisms for the film have been mixed, with other cinema fans claiming that Vijay is a blockbuster film.

Some say Nelson missed his big chance, and somehow the film will definitely run for the name Vijay.

Vijay’s dance in the film has been highly praised, as well as some of the verses uttered by the commander have received applause in the theater.

So he made a one-time decision to feature in the film Pokkiri Pannita There was a verse about the verse I will not listen to myself and a verse about the Hindi language.

Welcome to the Tamil applause, the verse “You can’t translate Hindi every time” was greeted with applause from fans everywhere.

Beast Screen Review

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