Vijay, the production company that extorted money from Rajini .. The police officer who broke the truth

Current Tamil cinema is stuck in many problems and is becoming fragmented. A situation arises where various political obstacles are encountered before a film is released. There was also a lot of political opposition to the recently released Jaybeam film starring Surya.

Thus many filmmakers are frustrated that they may leave the screen industry. Even the legendary AVM is said to be leaving the cinema for a number of reasons.

Varadarajan, a lawyer and retired police officer, has spoken very openly about this. He said that Udayanidhi’s Red Giant is currently buying and releasing films of many leading actors.

He also said that they are buying the movies at a very low price and making a lot of profit. Many corporates and politicians are now increasingly interested in investing in cinema.

He also said that some of the major points that theaters have in his possession are that movies are being bought at a slave price and so the producers who made the film are suffering from not being able to see the profit.

He also said that Sun Pictures, which is currently producing several films, is showing its strength to the actors and intimidating them. That means superstar Rajinikanth is currently set to star again in a film produced by Sun Pictures.

The diplomacy of Sun Pictures behind this has shocked many. However, he has said that Rajinikanth is going to act in the film because Sun Pictures forced him to do so due to the failure of the film.

Sun Pictures also allegedly bought a few crores from the cast as compensation for the failure. Varadarajan has said that the same will happen to the Beast movie which has just been released and that Vijay should not be compensated for any reason.

He has spoken about the plight of Tamil cinema, saying that Sun Pictures is acting so boldly because of the political force behind it. His opinion is currently gaining support among the public.

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