Vijay TV celebrity who is going to lose his career like Aswini .. Over Banda will not get sick

Actor Aswin, who starred as the protagonist in the iconic serials and later in the Cook With Clown show, lost his career by talking a bit too much at the music launch of the film ‘What are you going to say’ in which he first starred as the protagonist.

There is talk that such a situation is going to come to another Vijay TV celebrity. That is the fame that gave entry to the iconic screen through Vijay TV’s Who’s Gonna Mix, followed by Cook with the clown show. After that he started getting film opportunities. He also played a small role in the recently released movie Valaimai starring Thala Ajith.

Thus many believed that the popularity of acting with great great actors would grow rapidly in cinema. But the fame that was originally accustomed to the fans has been claiming to be sculpted as soon as they see the fan base for themselves.

That is to say, going with the bodyguard when going to the store opening shows is like going with the bodyguards to the audio launch of the film. Even more recently, the film, starring both Aswin and Pukh, had both paired up as over.

They also claim that he behaves as if he is the hero, even though he has acted in a few scenes in the film. That and many who saw his move were initially supported by Aswin fans. But fans who saw his over-the-top carving action refused to accept him.

They are currently claiming that the same situation is about to come to glory. Already popular, when Vijay TV’s Cook With Clown Season 3 launched, the temptation to get a monolithic film opportunity reunited with Cook’s Clown Season 3 due to limited film opportunities just a few weeks after the start of the unpopular fame show.

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