Vijay TV launches three new clowns! New problem started

The third installment of Vijay TV’s Cook With Clown Show is currently airing. The fame of participating in the previous season came only a few weeks earlier this season. He did not participate in this show because he is playing a hero in a movie.

3 new clowns

In this situation, Vijay TV has launched three new clowns. They are currently releasing the video coming into the set.

The new clowns are Padmapriya, Pranesh and Rajapriyan. The winners of the competition hosted by Vijay TV as You Can Become a Clown are currently on the show.

Old clowns with tension

Existing clowns are thus becoming tense. Manimegalai in particular is making a fuss by saying he is a senior.

Here is the promo

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