Vijay TV serial which was lifted due to lack of DRP after 400 episodes .. Fans who branded it as Mokka serial!

If they make coffee in the cinema, then the fans who are hard pressed to do the same in the serial do not give their support to such serials. Thus those serials are also pushed back in DRP.

Thus, the servant serial aired on Vijay TV was shot in the style of the movie Pearl starring superstar Rajini and aired daily at 2 pm. Actor Sabari as Velan and Gomati Priya as Valli have played the lead roles in this.

Despite the action-packed twists and turns, the logo serial went unnoticed by iconic fans. Thus Vijay TV has decided that the servant who is getting a big foothold in DRP can complete the serial.

So the final episode of this serial past about 400 episodes is airing next week. Fans have been commenting on the serial, saying that the servant serial, which has been airing for so long, should be shown as an item in the last week.

It is also worth mentioning that after the completion of this serial, a new serial called ‘Sellamma’ will be aired at the same time. Kadiravan, who was directing the servant serial in this serial too, is going to direct it himself.

Wije Hussain Mohammad Khan, the protagonist of the Lakshmi Stores serial aired on Sun TV, is also set to play the protagonist of the Sellamma serial. Chantini is going to play the heroine. The promo of this serial was released recently and became a trend. Chellamma is expected to captivate fans more than the Servant serial.

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