Vijay was going to act in a great movie in response to Rajini .. Do you know what movie

Rajini – Vijay

Rajini and Vijay are celebrated by the fans as the leading heroes in the Tamil film industry.

Rajinikanth is currently working on his next film in the Nelson direction, produced by Sun Pitchers.

One of Rajinikanth’s film friends is director K.S. Ravi kumar. Rajinikanth has acted in many films under his direction.

Vijay in the movie Rana

Thus, K.S. Rana is a trap film directed by Ravi Kumar and starring Rajinikanth.

During the first trap of the film, the story of the film is told to Commander Vijay and he does OK.

But, again, for some reason, the film was not able to take the information.

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