Vijay who listened only to the first half of the blockbuster film and sent the director back!

Vijay, who is busy at 66

Commander Vijay, the top star of Tamil cinema, is currently starring in his 66th film. The film is being shot in Chennai and Hyderabad.

And his performance in the recently released Beast movie failed to get a big reception.

In this situation we have heard a lot of information that Vijay has missed a lot of movies in his film career.

Vijay who missed the blockbuster movie

In that sense, Lingusamy was the first to tell the story of the movie Sandakkozhi to Vijay. When asked about the story of the film, Vijay sent the director back saying don’t listen to the first half only.

After that, Vijay met Lingusamy at the hotel after the blockbuster movie Sandakkozhi was released. Then Lingusamy told Vijay not to tell this story.

Vijay said, “This guy (Vishal) is the right choice and such a person should come to the screen.”

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