Vijay who lost to Ajith in this matter .. Such a situation due to Beast movie

The movie Beast which was released yesterday with huge anticipation starring Vijay. Directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar, the film was produced by Sun Pitchers.

Ticket bookings for the film were low in some places but sold high in many places.

But, only a certain amount has been charged for Ajith’s strength film. In such a situation, the strength of the film in Tamil Nadu on the first day of Rs. Collected up to Rs 33 crore.

But, despite the high ticket prices for Vijay’s Beast movie, Valimai has surpassed the film by one to two crores in first day collections in Tamil Nadu.

With a difference of only one or two crores, it is said in box office circles that the audience count of strength is higher than that of the Beast film.

Beast has surpassed the strength in Tamil Nadu due to high ticket prices.

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