Vijay who saw the movie Don .. Sivakarthikeyan who was satisfied!

Don is a May 13 film directed by CB Chakraborty and starring Sivakarthikeyan and produced by Leica. The film focuses on college life. The film stars Priyanka Mohan opposite Sivakarthikeyan, along with SJ Surya, Suri, Samuthirakani and Sivanki.

CB Chakraborty, already the director of the Dawn film, has worked as an assistant director to Attlee. Since he also worked as an assistant director while directing Aadli Vijay films, a friendship developed between CB Emperor Vijay at that time.

Don would have already taken the film as a short film on the Chipmunks and set the scenes as if it had starred several actors. Commander Vijay has put this in place. In a recent interview, Vijay said that he saw this and left saying ‘Day is not good’.

That is, the short film directed by Sibich Chakraborty has now been converted into a Don film starring Sivakarthikeyan. That is, they have made a few changes to the story and made it into a bigger film.

But some people are saying that he has seen Sivakarthikeyan movie because Vijay said that he saw Don movie. But he has only seen the short film Don directed by Sibichakravarti.

Sibi Chakraborty has said that he wants to work with Vijay on a film as soon as possible. He is hopeful that he will soon give a chance to junior Vijay Sibi Chakraborty, who is currently giving a chance to young directors.

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