Vijay, who was paid 45% of the budget of the film Beast, was paid .. but the situation of the film

Beast is the movie that has been released today with huge anticipation starring Vijay.

Directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar, the film is produced by Sun Pitchers. Fans were frantically waiting to see the film, which came to the screen at 4 p.m.

After watching the show from day one, all the fans who came out of the theater were left only disappointed.

Will the collection be affected?

In this case, actor Vijay paid Rs. 80 crore salary. Rs. Vijay has earned 45% of his salary from the film, which was made on a budget of Rs 175 crore.

But many say the film’s condition is currently the biggest failure. Thus, will the collection be affected? Isn’t it Let’s wait and see.

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