Vijay’s Beast after a clean washout – 10 days later, will it be like that tomorrow?

Vijay’s Beast is a movie that was hugely welcomed by the fans on April 13 last year amidst great expectations.

But from the first day of the film, the film’s bad reviews shocked the fans. Nelson asked if the lead actor had directed such a story, and some fans lamented that it was a wrong decision.

The criticism of the fans who saw the film day by day also got worse.

Status of the Beast movie tomorrow

On weekdays there was no good collection for the Beast movie but rather Kgf 2 was randomly charged. What is currently reported is that there will not be a clean reception for the Beast movie tomorrow Sunday, which is said to be a washout.

All the theaters have decided to screen Kgf 2 movie more.

Fans are shocked that such a situation has arisen for Vijay’s film in 11 days.

This is the actor Countmania who made us laugh, is this happening? – Fans in sadness after watching the video

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