Vijay’s Beast – Super Info

The movie Beast, which was released on April 13, was produced by Sun Pictures. Vijay, Pooja Hatch, Selvaragavan, Yogi Babu and Ganesh are the big names in the film.

Despite all the things being super the story is not giving the right reception to the film with a bit of snobbery and the day to day collections are beating dull.

If it charges so far it can be said that it is for a man named Vijay.

Beast song record

The first teaser trailer for the film was “Arabic Punch”. Currently the song has become a big hit in South India.

Vijay’s Arabic song has topped the South Indian charts with 6 million likes and 375 million views on YouTube. Fans are celebrating this achievement by creating docs on Twitter.

Who is the beast who carved out the Tamil Nadu collection? Kgf 2 Come? – Camel collection hunt

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