Vijay’s Beast surpasses strength collection in advance! Frenetic booking

Bookings for the Beast movie are currently in full swing. First day tickets are sold out at most theaters in Tamil Nadu.


Vijay fans, who are eager to see the film on the first day, are competing and booking tickets.

Since the second day is a government holiday, it is expected that more family fans will come to see the film on that day.

Overtook the strength

Bookings for the Beast movie are currently underway in the United States. Currently, it is reported that the collection from the reservation is more than 2 lakh dollars.

It is noteworthy that the combined strength of the strength film premiere and the next day came to only $ 1.78 lakh.

Looking at the trend going on there it seems that the strength is that the Beast will break the total gross of four lakh dollars in the first day of the film.

He was the first to see the movie Beast .. Nelson did not even show it to Vijay

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