Vijay’s Beast – Total Collection Profile, which ended with a huge loss in Andhra

Vijay’s Beast is a film that is expected to make big achievements in collections. But the film was badly received in some places due to storytelling.

Even in places like Kerala and Malaysia where the main visit is celebrated, the Beast film did not get a proper reception, big business all happened, but not the expected amount of collections.

Beast in Andhra

Vijay’s Beast movie hits Rs. Became a business for 10 crores. But the share for the film has so far gone up to Rs. 7. 22 crore has come.

The master film is also priced at Rs. 14. 50 crore shares were collected.

The Beast film is said to have ended with a loss in Andhra and Telangana.

What are the achievements of Vijay Beast in the collection by 2022 – Full Details

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