Vijay’s Beast, which ended in a loss, but do you know the Kgf 2 collection? – The full collection status of the two films

Vijay Beast movie was released on the 13th. But the fans were very upset as the reception of the film was not as much as expected.

All these days the collection of the film has been done under the name of Vijay and now it is hitting the total collection.

But Kgf 2 is on the rise since the day it was released. The collection is showing action in a way that no one expected.

Beast Vs Kgf 2

Both films initially garnered worldwide collections, of which Beast only retreated within a few days. Currently Vijay’s Beast is priced at Rs. 210 crore only ended in a loss to collect.

Kgf 2 movie Rs. It has collected over 1000 crores worldwide, which is a collection that no one expected.

Is this actress Laila? Here is the photo taken with Vijay Sethupathi

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