Vijay’s Beast who broke the strength film record in key places in the pre-booking

There is a lot of talk about Vijay’s Beasta movie all over Tamil Nadu. The reason is that the Beast movie is out this Wednesday (April 13).

Highlight for image

The promotion that Sun Pictures is giving to the film beyond the film beyond Vijay is hugely special. Vijay’s interview, which aired for 10 years yesterday, was watched by a large number of people.

Now the booking information for the film is just getting more special.

Strength vs Beast

Bookings for Vijay’s Beast movie are going fast. As soon as the booking is open at all places, all the tickets become house full.

Currently in Kerala, Beast has already collected the entire collection of Strength and Dare for anything in advance.

Similarly, Vijay’s Beast has already surpassed the strength image collections in the USA.

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