Vikram is very angry with Ba Ranjith

Leading Tamil actor Vikram has been interested in acting in only a few films since the introduction of his son Dhruv Vikram. Vikram is a bit tired as the films he has already acted in, including Cobra and Polaris, are yet to be released. Meanwhile, Vikram, who was waiting for the story from his director Ranjith, has now gone abroad after saying goodbye to Ranjith.

Director Ajay Gyanamuthu, who has given hit films including Demandi Colony and Imaika Seconds, is currently directing Cobra starring actor Vikram. Produced by SS Lalith Kumar and composed by AR Rahman, the teaser of the film has been released recently and has been well received. Actor Vikram is portrayed as a mathematical genius in the teaser of the film, which stars KGF star Srinidhi Chetty and former cricketer Irfan Pathan among others. Similarly, actor Vikram is playing 10 characters in the film and actor Vikram is waiting for the release while the fans are waiting.

While the recent film directed by Karthik Supuraj and starring Vikram, Simran and Vikram’s son Dhruv Vikram was well received, the film did not go down well with Vikram. Meanwhile, actor Vikram is currently busy trying to make big hits in Tamil cinema. Meanwhile, Director Pa. Actor Vikram, who aspires to star in at least one film directed by Ranjith, is looking forward to when Ba Ranjith will tell the story.

Director Ba Ranjith, who has directed revolutionary films including Kabbali, Gala and Madras, has once again proved himself to be a great director with his recently released film Sarpatta Paramparai. Director Ba Ranjith will talk about politics somewhere in his films. The revolution would have been mixed in the films produced by his Neelam Productions as well. Thus many leading actors will always be eager to star in director Pa. Ranjith’s films. Actor Vikram is currently in that line
Ba Ranjith has been waiting for a long time to act in Ba Ranjith’s direction and is getting late.

Thus Vikram has completed all the films he has at his disposal and is currently on a two month tour of Scotland. Come after the tour. Vikram is expected to star in Ranjith’s direction. It is also rumored that the film has a full-fledged political plot and will be a novelty for actor Vikram. It is noteworthy that Vikram, who is acting with as much dedication as he can in his films, is going to play the role of a politician for the first time in the Pa Ranjith movement.

Meanwhile, Pa Ranjith is currently directing the movie ‘Star Moves’ starring actor Kalidas Jayaram. Ba Ranjith is directing the film with a love story plot again after Attakathi. The film stars actress Tushara Vijayan, Kalaiyarasan, Charbatta starrer Dancing Rose Shafeer and is based on the love story of homosexuals. Recently, the shooting of the film was over and the crew cut the cake and had fun. Meanwhile, Ba Ranjith is expected to direct Vikram’s next film after this one.

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