Vinay, the actor who flies the plane as Cema Masa- The fans who watch in amazement

Actor Vinay made his debut in Tamil cinema with the film Unnale Unnale. The mass success of the film gave him subsequent film opportunities. At one point he went beyond being a man and started acting like a villain.

Vinay Pictures

No one can forget the villain role played by Vinay in the detective film starring Vishal. Vinay played the villain in the last Doctor film starring Sivakarthikeyan, as well as the camel in the film.

Vinay said in an interview that he first worked for a whiskey company and later became interested in cinema when he was working for a bank.

Vinay driving a plane

In this situation, the video of actor Vinay Kutty flying a plane has been published on social media. Fans are currently sharing more of the photos he took while driving and saying super congratulations to him.

Yash is the only Kannada film actor to achieve this feat in Kgf 2 – that too in Tamil Nadu

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