Viruman is the copy of this movie .. Netizens who push art

Viruman is a film directed by Muthiah and starring Karthi and Aditi Shankar. The film stars Prakashraj, Rajkiran, Karunas, Suri, Myna Nandini and many more. The film is produced by Surya’s 2D Entertainment.

In the movie Viruman, Karthi is in a village building. Originally from the United States, Karthi’s first film caught the attention of fans with her performance in the village story feature Paruthiveeran. Komban is a film directed by Karthi and Muthiah, who has acted in many films since then.

In this situation, Viruman film has been formed in the same alliance again. The promo for the first single of the film has been released. The beginning of the song starts with Cannabis Flower Kannala. Manimaran has written the lyrics of this song. And the song is sung by Chitsriram.

The film has received rave reviews on the one hand and fans on the other. That is to say, the film is said to be in the guise of Karthi starrer Paruthiveeran and Komban films. In it, calling Karthi Aditi Shankar as Hey Honey is like calling Hey Muthalaku in the movie Paruthiveeran.

Similarly, Aditi Shankar looks like Briyamani in the movie Paruthiveeran. Netizens also lament that the song is a copy of Chakkapodu Pottale from Jayam Ravi’s Das.

In this case, the first single promo is the situation that many are criticizing what will happen after the release of the film. Also, the film crew is reportedly planning to release the Viruman film in July.

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