Vishal is ready for the next vow .. Even the 60th marriage seems to be in question

Actor Vishal has been doing action in reality just like in cinema. Actors Karthi, Nasser, Karunas and Ponvannan won the election for the first time as a Pandava team in the casting.

A vote he made in the triumph then postponed his marriage. In an interview after the win, he vowed to build a new building for the cast and leave and get married. But so far no such building has been constructed.

The Pandavas have won for the second time since the counting took place on March 20. Nasser has been elected chairman, Vishal general secretary and Karthi treasurer.

The new building, which was laid in 2018, is still unfinished. Actor Vishal is suffering from not being able to get married without fulfilling the vow he made as if the frog would bite his mouth. Only the locals know why the building being constructed in Chennai is standing still.

In this case, the general meeting of the association will be held on May 1. It has been rumored that Vishal will definitely vote in the general body meeting again. It is widely expected that a number of controversies will arise. Vishal has come down in full effort to somehow tie up this association. Vishal has vowed something new to build this building and his marriage will be a big question mark. Fans have been articulating that even the sixtieth wedding doesn’t seem to be happening

He is trying to raise funds for it. Recently, actor and union treasurer Karthi donated Rs 1 crore for the building. Meanwhile, Vishal is starring in the next film, Lathi. Already in 2019 actor Vishal’s marriage has stalled with engagement.

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