Vote for the best Christmas movie of all time in our poll

Vote for the best Christmas movie of all time in our poll

Have your say on your favourite festive film!

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Asking a group of people to name the best Christmas film of all time is always likely to spark some fiery debate: there are a huge number of contenders from throughout the years, and you could make a solid argument for just about any of them.

And so, in an attempt to settle the matter once and for all (or for this year at least), we at have put together a shortlist of 25 options and are asking you to pick your festive favourite.

The genre is rather an all-encompassing one, of course, and that is very much reflected in our poll, which includes everything from Frank Capra’s Golden Age classic It’s a Wonderful Life to recent Netflix hit The Princess Switch, covering all sorts of ground in between.

So whether you fancy a mid-00s romcom such as Love Actually or The Holiday, or prefer a Christmas Eve action extravaganza like Die Hard (which absolutely is a Christmas film, by the way) then we should have you covered.

There are old school festive musicals in the shape of White Christmas, modern comedy classics like Elf, and recent animations such as 2019’s Klaus, and that’s not even mentioning old favourites like Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street.

We’ve also included two Raymond Briggs animations (The Snowman and Father Christmas) as well as three very different versions of A Christmas Carol – Scrooge from 1951, Bill Murray-starring comedy version Scrooged from 1988 and, of course, the Muppets’ take on Dickens’ classic Yuletide yarn from 1992.

So, with 25 excellent films to choose from, why not have your say and select your favourite option below!

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