Vote for the best movie Santa in our poll

Vote for the best movie Santa in our poll

Who’s your favourite actor to have donned the famous red suit?



When it comes to Christmas movies, there’s undoubtedly one character who rules the roost: Santa Claus.

Over the years, countless actors have brought Saint Nick to life in a variety of festive films, many of which are fervently rewatched every time December rolls around.

And so, we’re asking you to pick out your favourite movie Santa from a shortlist of eight options, in a bid to determine who is the best Santa of all time.

We’ve limited the selection to actors who have played the character in live-action films, so all animated versions of the character are ruled out – including the versions seen in The Snowman, The Night Before Christmas and most recently Klaus – but there’s still an excellent list of options to choose from, such as Edward Asner’s turn in Elf and Paul Giamatti’s performance in Fred Claus.

Of course, two of the most iconic iterations of the character come from different versions of the same film – Edmund Gwenn and Richard Attenborough starred as Kris Kringle in the 1947 and 1994 versions of Miracle on 34th Street respectively, with Gwenn remaining the only actor to have won an Oscar for playing Santa.

And a fair few of these actors have donned he red suit on more than one occasion – Tim Allen, Billy Bob Thornton and Kurt Russell all returned for sequels of their respective films, while three years before he’d appeared in Get Santa, Jim Broadbent lent his voice to jolly old Saint Nick in 2011’s animated gem Arthur Christmas.

Each of these actors brought their own unique charm to the character, so why not have your say and pick your favourite from our list of eight options below!

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