Was Sivakarthikeyan accepted as Dana? An analysis of the Don movie

Dawn, directed by CB Chakraborty and starring Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Mohan, SJ Surya and Samuthirakani, has just been released. While the trailer and lyrics of the film were all well received, many people are now eagerly watching the film.

According to the story, Samuthirakani plays a strong character as Sivakarthikeyan’s father in the film. He has done it athletically by giving life to that character accordingly. Samuthirakani, who aspires for a baby girl, is a bit agitated and devoid of affection since the baby boy is born.

Sivakarthikeyan, who is an elementary student in the school, joins the College of Engineering by his father Dorcher. Sivakarthikeyan, who is the last bench student in the college, and Vathiyar SJ Surya clash. His plan to expel SJ Surya from college then turns against him.

SJ Surya plans to take revenge on him in that anger. How Sivakarthikeyan dealt with it. Whether he finally achieved his ambition, Samuthirakani is so funny about why he wanted a baby girl, and this Dawn movie that keeps school and college life intact in front of the fans.

In that sense, did this Dawn movie, which was eagerly awaited by many fans, become a bass? Here’s the full review of whether or not Bail became. Usually if Sivakarthikeyan is a film then there will be no shortage of comedy.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Priyanka Mohan, Sivakarthikeyan’s chemistry has worked out in this too after the Doctor movie. As usual Anirudh has scored through his music in this film too.

And SJ Surya’s menacing villainy is a strong side to the film. The whistle blows in his coming scenes in this film as well as in the conference movie. In that sense the director has chosen exactly each character in the film.

The first half of the film is lively and the second half is sentimental. And the film also has a good message for young people. It is safe to say that Sivakarthikeyan won the toss and elected to field.

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