WATCH: Mona Heidari Iranian Severed Head Video Leave Twitter and Reddit Scandalized


WATCH: Mona Heidari Iranian Severed Head Video Creep away Twitter and Reddit Scandalized: A share of very surprising news is coming into the headlines from Ahvaz city, Iran. The news is that a person has beheaded his wife on Saturday in Kasaei Sq.. Yes, you read it sexy and this news has been going viral at some stage in the win. Other folks who’ve bought the news are greatly surprised and unable to achieve how can he invent that. It used to be surely heartbreaking news that has wrenched every person’s coronary heart. Many of us want to grab the total incident and search online to win the predominant points of the incident. Right here, we have introduced the total wanted facts about the Ahvaz Metropolis incident. Put together Extra Update On

Mona Heidari Iranian Severed Head Video

As per the sources, a person from Iran’s Ahvaz Metropolis has beheaded his wife who used to be handiest 17 years dilapidated. This terrifying incident took converse on Saturday, 05 February 2022 in Kasaei Sq. where the person beheaded his 17 years dilapidated wife in from of many people. The person that used to be along side his brother beheaded his wife in entrance of several of us in a city dwelling after which paraded the city along with her head in his hand. In the videos that are circulating on social media platforms, the person can also also be considered retaining his wife’s head in one hand and a knife in but another hand.

The horrific incident used to be flagged off on social media by female journalists and woman-rights activists. Reportedly, the girl ran away to Turkey from Iran to wander persecution but her husband introduced her lend a hand. As per the stories of stories company Rokna, the husband and his fellow brother were arrested by the local law enforcement officers following the incident. As per the stories, the person had posed along side his wife’s head at Kasaei Sq. in Ahvaz at about 3 pm on Saturday. Even supposing, he went a long way off from the place after some time when he seen that he used to be captured by of us over there.

After being reported about the incident, the police today conducted an intensive search after which the person used to be arrested on the equal day after the investigation of about a hours. The police reported that the person talked about that he killed his wife as a end result of some household concerns or causes. Chief Justice of Khuzestan Province talked about, “With the efforts of the police and the issuance of the vital judicial orders, the perpetrators of the homicide had been identified and arrested hours after the incident.” We are in a position to surely point out that you too can already know more facts about the incident till then stop tuned with us.

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