Watch the Chinese series “You Are Desire, You Are a Sweet Dream” THAI SUB New episodes are updated daily

You wish prepare to hit the hearts of the audience with the romance of school age with a story style from enemy to heart that should be easily connected, which is a reunion between 2 of the hottest young actors of this era, “Zhou Yiran” and “Zhuang Dafei”, whose chemistry between them will definitely show the audience their power!

You Are Desire, She is a sweet dream, the story of Lin Yujing. I have just moved to a new city and need to attend a new school. But before starting school, she meets her frustrated older brother Shen Jian, with whom they all have an inharmonious past and expect never to see each other again in this life.

When she started attending school, she and he became classmates and were accidentally placed on a work table neighbor. Now the enemy is turning into an alliance. Intimacy allows them to get to know each other better. They also support each other in their dreams.

You can watch the series You Are Desire, She Is a Sweet Dream with new episodes that are updated to True ID every day from Monday to Sunday at approximately 19.00 in Thai subtitle format. Our team will keep you updated at a later date.

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