Watch the Chinese series “Young Blood 2: The Mischievous Spy of Dasong 2”, which is updated with new episodes every week.

Experience their challenging quest adventure with the highly anticipated sequel series “Young Blood 2: The Mischievous Spy of Dasong 2” with the same cast and creators. More is exponential fun. This is the return of young detectives who will complement the entertainment of another wave of Chinese dramas.

Young Blood 2: The mischievous spy of Dasong 2 The story of young spies who train diligently. The aim is to maintain peace and security between the different ethnic groups. In the Northern Dasong Kingdom, it consists of 6 members led by Yuan Zhongxin. A clever young spy. They have to perform important and unpredictable tasks.

Zhang Xincheng and Zhou Yutong return to the lead roles. Wang Youshuo, Xu Xiaotong, Zheng Wei and Fu Weilun replaced the previous actors. From the work of “Wang Juan”, the director of the original series from 2019, you can watch them every Saturday to Monday around 19.00 in Thai subtitle format. It starts on August 5th and the Thai dubbing will follow on August 15th.

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