Watch the Chinese TV series “Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox” with Thai subtitles and Thai dubbing.

Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox, a retro fantasy series with the flavor of a romantic comedy with a young woman and a young man meeting. But they are used to connecting for a long time. What exactly is that feeling? It’s time to find answers and the secret of attachment that lurks with it.

Qi Yuanbao Born and raised in an ordinary family with experience in strategic areas, fate leads her to Moon Valley to meet Changyue, a charming, handsome man who is the transducer of the Celestial Fox. Even if they have just met a real encounter that has led to it developing into love, is the encounter between them really fate?

Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox is a collaboration between three well-known Chinese series directors: Li Yao Bo (Once We Get Married), Liu Guohui (The Journey of Chong Zi) and Guan Zhi (Love and Redemption).

Watch the Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox series every day. Sunday-Tuesday updates 2 new episodes per day around 7pm in Thai subtitle format and the Thai dubbed version will be updated soon, starting July 16 on TrueID.

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