Watch the Chinese TV series “The Princess and the Werewolf”. All Episodes – All Episodes

“The Princess and the Werewolf” is the sequel to Go Princess, Go!, a popular series from 2015 that unfolds the story of the child from the version, which is a cute fantasy series with curls in the style of a romantic comedy, which will stimulate the fin glands of the audience very well with the meeting of “Wu Qian Yi” and “Chen Zeyuan”, that will make viewers fall in love with her.

The Princess and the Werewolf is the story of Princess Qipa of the human race. Discovered that she had been taken to the world of beasts. Kui Mulang So she tried to escape many times but was unsuccessful until a young man named Li Yong came to act in a disorder, but he was actually Li Yong by day and was Kui Mulang. At night, the legend of the work with the Demon King begins there.

You can watch the princess and the werewolf series Swami I Am the Wolf King every Friday to Sunday with 2 new episodes per day in Thai subtitle format, which will be broadcast from July 28 at around 7pm. In Thai dub format, you can watch it on TrueID from August 4th.

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