We are also Indians sir .. Sudeep retaliates against Ajay Devgan!

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn’s tweet that “Hindi is the national language” is currently going viral. Ajay Devgn’s tweet has gone viral as there has been strong opposition to Hindi dumping in South India.

Kannada actor Sudeep tweeted about the success of KGF2 in response to his statement that “Hindi is not the national language”.

Sudeep retaliates

In this situation, Sudeep is currently retaliating against Ajay Devgan. “I understand your tweet in Hindi. It is because we respect, love and learn Hindi. No offense sir .. But what would have been your position if I had posted this tweet in Kannada. We are also Indian sir”.

Description by Ajay Devgan

While Sudeep replied, Ajay Devgan referred to him as a ‘friend’ and re-posted.

“I always thought that the film industry was one. We respect all languages ​​and expect everyone to respect our language. Some things have changed in translation,” he said.

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