We can achieve with him .. Kamal tells Adam to hold and put the workshop

World leader Kamal is not only a great actor but also a brilliant director. Every film released under his direction like Haram, Virumandi, Viswaroopam has attracted fans in every genre.

But Kamal is now more interested in producing than directing films. In that sense his Rajkamal Films company is currently in the process of producing several films with leading actors.

And if Kamal directs a film, he will introduce many new technologies and innovations in it. Kamal is proud to have introduced us to many technologies that our Tamil cinema has never seen before.

Many would be surprised if such a Kamal is amazed at the talent of a young director. But that is the truth. The director is none other than Lokesh Kanagaraj who is currently directing Vikram with Kamal.

The first look poster and making video of the film, which will star Kamal, Vijay Sethupathi and Bhagat Bachil, has been released. In that sense the anticipation for this movie is high among the fans.

Kamal is amazed to see the scenes of this soon to be released film and the talent of the director. So Kamal has asked him to make a film thinking of using his talent in his next film as well. Accordingly Lokesh Kanagaraj is again set to direct a film in Kamal’s production.

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