We Own This City Ending Recap and Ending, Discussed

‘We Own This City‘ finale, titled ‘Chapter Six,’ concludes the story of the Weapon Trace Job Force as a number of members of the elite plainclothes system deal with extreme sentencing from the court for their criminal offenses. On the other hand, the Baltimore Authorities Department deals with significant effects in the middle of the finalizing of the authorization decree and the conviction of its officers.

In the end, Baltimore gets ready for a brand-new period of policing with a number of reforms, however the threats of falling under familiar patterns stay common. If you want to overtake the episode’s occasions and ending, we’ve got you covered! Here is whatever you need to learn about the ending of ‘We Own This City’ episode 6! SPOILERS AHEAD!

We Own This City Episode 6 Recap

The 6th and last episode of ‘We Own This City,’ entitled ‘Chapter Six,’ opens with FBI Representative Erika Jensen and John Sieracki questioning Wayne Jenkins about his function in the Weapon Trace Job Force and its corruption. Nevertheless, Jenkins is determined that he is not an unclean police officer and firmly insists that he has no misbehaviors. Nevertheless, when Jensen advises Jenkins that complying with the FBI and offering essential info to the authorities might assist him get a much shorter sentence. Additionally, Jenkins’ associates have actually spoken versus him, and a number of witness testaments show Jenkins was associated with corrupt and unlawful actions as a police officer. Nevertheless, Jenkins still contradicts any blame for the misbehaviors.

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Later On, Jensen and Sieracki talk with Investigator Sean Suiter about the Umar Burley case. The duo desires Suiter to affirm in court and verify who planted the weapon on Burley. Nevertheless, Suiter ends up being worried about losing after understanding that he can not conceal his understanding of the plainclothes polices taking cash from people. On The Other Hand, Momodu “G Money” Gondo, Jemell Rayam, and Maurice Ward continue exposing delicate info to the FBI. They expose Jenkins’ association with Donald Stepp, who assisted the police officer sell took drugs.

At BPD, issues occur over the department’s compliance with the authorization decree with a serious absence of funds. Commissioner Kevin Davis’ ask for extra budgeting from the Mayor is securely declined. For that reason, he should cut the pay of his officers to offset the cash needed for the reforms. The FBI arrests Stepp and likewise examines Keith Gladstone worrying the Demetric Simon case. Both Stepp and Gladstone expose incriminating information about Jenkins’ activities. Nicole Steele resigns from her position due to the DOJ’s failure to suppress corruption and criminal offense in the city. Sean Suiter passes away a day prior to his statement in front of the grand jury while the GTTF polices get ready for their sentencing.

We Own This City Ending Ending: What Sentences Did the GTTF Officers Get?

As the episode approaches its conclusion, the damages in the Baltimore Authorities Department’s system and method to reducing criminal offense end up being apparent. As an outcome, it is of utmost significance that the GTTF officers reserve extreme sentencing that will end up being a beacon of expect much better and more constitutional policing in the city. In the end, Jenkins pleads to a few of the charges versus him and keeps the stand that he did not plant the drugs on Umar Burley. Nevertheless, Jenkins consents to have actually filled an incorrect report in the event. Jenkins excuses his errors and accepts his fate. He is sentenced to 25 years of jail time due to his absence of cooperation with the examination.

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On The Other Hand, Gondo and Rayam get 10 and 12 years of jail time, respectively. Ward and Hendrix plead guilty in court and comply with the examination. For that reason, the polices get 7-year sentences. Thomas Allers likewise declines to comply with the federal examination resulting in a 15-year sentence. Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor decline to plead innocent and deal with a federal trial. They are founded guilty and get 18 years in jail each. Following the sentencing of the officers, Commissioner Davis folds the plainclothes system and is consequently fired from his position.

Numerous high-ranking officers and the Mayor are linked in corruption cases over the next couple of months. Darryl DeSousa, the brand-new commissioner, renews the plainclothes system. Nevertheless, DeSousa is required to resign simply 4 months into his period after being founded guilty for federal tax evasion. Mayor Cathrine Pugh is likewise charged with tax evasion and scams, resulting in a 3-year jail sentence. These occurrences even more highlight the sorry state of order in the city.

In the end, the episode reviews the drugs and weapons tracking objective led by Jenkins from the very first episode. Their search at a home causes Jenkins stealing a stash of cash. These scenes are juxtaposed versus shots of Jenkins in jail. As Jenkins adapts to life in jail, he assesses his actions as a police officer. A flashback portrays Jenkins attending to a group of officers, consisting of a number of officers he would deal with as a part of the GTTF. Jenkins’ speech ends with awakening applause from the officers as they purchase into his mindset. The episode ends with a shot of Jenkins in jail, leaving audiences to take a look at the deep effect of the GTTF corruption scandal on the city of Baltimore.

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