Westworld: All the Burning Questions After the Season 4 best

Westworld: All the Burning Questions After the Season 4 best
Westworld: All the Burning Questions After the Season 4 best

Period 4 of Westworld began with a bang, leaving unanswered inquiries in what’ll once more be several roads converging to show the bigger photo.

Period 4 of HBO’s Westworld began with a cryptic bang. Most of the premiere focused on Evan Rachel Wood, but this time around, the actor was playing Christina, not the rogue maker Dolores from previous seasons. It appears like 7 years after the robot apocalypse, some action of peace was attained. Ed Harris’ William (aka the Man in Black) started up an additional bloody campaign in the real globe. With Maeve as well as Caleb once again pulled right into the war, instead of begin the period with a coherent storyline, the program proceeded to leave a number of unanswered inquiries in what’ll once again be a ton of winding roadways converging to show the larger image.

Is Christina Really a Dormant Dolores?

In the Season 3 ending, Serac killed Dolores for great, ruining her body and mind. Thus, followers are asking yourself if Dolores in some way endured as well as is within Christina’s mind.

Is Charlotte Responsible for Christina?

Christina’s presence might actually be linked to Charlotte (also known as Evil Dolores from Season 3). If Charlotte did obtain her hands on a backup duplicate of Dolores’ mind, this could be her method of putting Dolores back in a jail as revenge for taking Charlotte’s household away from her as well as making her a pawn in the video game versus Rehoboam.

Where is Arnold as well as the Sublime?

Arnold/Bernard had access to the digital immortality numerous bots were sent out to at the end of Season 2. It took him some time to navigate the headset, however he ultimately woke up as Season 3 concluded.

Exactly How Did Teddy Return?

Therefore, it seems like Teddy’s back to protect Christina and also perhaps rejig her memory as Dolores. It may be Arnold brought him back from the Sublime to help, or perhaps Charlotte set her own Teddy as component of the game versus Christina/Dolores. It ‘d be quite vicious, however it ‘d match Charlotte desiring to plaything with Dolores’ feelings once again.

Where is Stubbs?

The previous park police officer, Stubbs, was injured in the war last period, ending up in the motel with Arnold. He looked like he was passing away as he hemorrhaged out in the tub, so followers are wondering if he made it through, as well as if so, what he did during the period Arnold remained in the Sublime. Trailers have shown a Stubbs with Arnold, yet this could be Arnold making a crawler of his very own to honor his possibly fallen close friend.

What is William’s Endgame?

The actual William appeared to be eliminated by Charlotte as well as her William crawler at the end of Season 3. While there’s a long shot he may be to life, fans are concentrating on what William 2.0 is up to. He’s active safeguarding land, in addition to web servers and dats from folks like the cartel, recommending he’s searching for something, as well as likewise, trying to maintain intel from reaching others, whether it be the Sublime, or somebody else. Interestingly, he has a flair for defamation, so this robot could have also discovered a method to activate his master.

What is Olympiad Entertainment’s Intentions?

Christina’s companies want her to manuscript less love as well as even more sex and gore, hinting that maybe, after the fall of Delos, this brand-new firm’s going into the virtual space. Adventures as well as hosts could be occurring online, in the cloud and also such, bringing parks to people’s residences as opposed to having them physically visit ones and also threaten their bodies. It would certainly explain why Olympiad wants Christina to enhance their stories, and likewise, supply the company accessibility to individuals’s minds. This take on the metaverse can damage humanity like never ever before, leaving philosophers questioning if Charlotte and also William 2.0 may lag it.

What’s Up With William’s Flies?

Surprisingly, the promo for the remainder of the period revealed Caleb locating flies as well, hinting this could become as famous as the maze was for the parks back in the day. It may be a meta statement on humanity decomposing, which would fit William and also Charlotte’s frame of mind.

What Did Caleb and Maeve Do in the Blank Period?

Caleb and Maeve took Rehoboam out in Season 3, offered bots and people flexibility once more. While this premiere selected up on Maeve concealing out at a snowy cabin, and Caleb functioning building as well as caring for a family members, it’s unknown what they did in the last 7 years when they left Serac’s base. This would educate how folks helping William 2.0 followed both of them in the present-day, recommending they mistook as well as left hints to track. Viewing as the world was reshaped, and they do have rebels in their network, it might be they proceeded the change, potentially going after huge companies, the federal government or Charlotte, to make the world more secure.

Westworld Season 4 airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on HBO.

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