Westworld Season 4 Theory: Christina Lives in a Delos Theme Park

Westworld Season 4 Theory Christina Lives in a Delos Theme Park
Westworld Season 4 Theory Christina Lives in a Delos Theme Park

Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores comes back as Christina in Westworld season 4 – right here’s why she may be entraped inside a Delos park. Poor Dolores didn’t fare well in the last minutes of Westworld season 3. Though she accomplished her goal of liberating humanity, the oppressive Rehoboam AI system scrubbed every last item of information from Dolores’ pearl – the round brain which contains the “heart” of every host. This amounts death for a Westworld robotic, and by the time season 4 starts, everybody from William to Caleb thinks Dolores died that eventful day seven years prior.

Christina is a young woman that looks, seems as well as acts significantly like Dolores, yet who dwells in near-future New York. The white bubble vehicles, interaction earrings and also glass mobile phones are all in-keeping with technology seen throughout Westworld season 3, seemingly positioning Christina’s timeline someplace around the program’s existing day (approximately 2060). Westworld allows audiences believe Dolores has been reborn during the seven years since season 3, after that parachuted right into a new life among an innocent human populace … yet something is clearly amiss.

As red flags pile up, Christina starts doubting the nature of her reality around once more, however perhaps the real trouble is the world around her. Is Christina’s house city actually a Delos Westworld park? Here’s all the evidence, as well as what it might mean for Dolores in season 4

Every Clue Christina’s City Isn’t Real In Westworld Season 4.

Hammering residence that very factor, Christina’s line of work in Westworld season 4 is configuring NPCs for a video clip game company. There’s a resemble of irony when Christina defines her task throughout a day as well as valiantly champions the value of NPCs for developing a practical individual experience …

Westworld season 4’s second major 2nd significant Peter. Delos park narratives are usually created by human staff members like Lee Sizemore instead than the hosts themselves, but probably Christina is unconsciously using the power Maeve established in Westworld season 1, where hosts could be regulated via voice commands.

Westworld’s threatening “Tower” enigma stands for another big hint that Christina’s New York setting is artificial. Glimpsed in illustrations attracted by a homeless man Christina passes on her journey to work, the Tower’s weird design is additionally resembled by the street lamps in this world – all mini versions of the same unique form. Thanks to Westworld’s season 4 trailers, we currently have a respectable suggestion of what the Tower could be. Discount video shows a full-size variation of the homeless male’s illustration (as well as the street lights) looming over New York City. A second shot (almost certainly taken from inside the Tower’s circular summit) then reveals Christina encountering a red 3-D city design eerily similar to the map from WestWorld’s control space in periods 1 & 2. Assembling the clues with each other, the Tower must be the main center where every little thing inside Christina’s world is controlled.

As if all that had not been evidence enough, numerous snippets of discussion from Westworld season 4’s best foreshadow Christina’s city being a Delos amusement park. In her very first scene, Evan Rachel Wood’s personality defines a feeling of being “seen” to her housemate, Ariana DeBose’s Maya. When the pair head out that very same evening, Maya strongly announces, “Take a look at this, nobody wants easy … or all-natural.” These words resemble glowing neon signs aiming towards Westworld’s New York being a secret park.

Why Christina Must Be In A Different Westworld Timeline

Allow’s presume Christina is caught inside a Delos park in Westworld season 4. Why would certainly anyone pay large amounts of cash to check out a leisure of a world that currently exists? Delos has faithfully recreated the wild west, British-occupied India, feudal Japan, and the American restriction – all durations of history that please visitors’ fond memories. If Westworld season 4 includes a park based on 2050s/2060s New York, as a result, the real world has to go to least 50 years in advance. Christina’s city simply wouldn’t be a worthwhile attraction otherwise.

One key detail from Westworld season 4’s best sustains the theory that Christina lives in the far future: hers is the only narrative that does not confirm a time frame. When William visits Hoover Dam, he states eight years passing since Dolores stole the Forge data in Westworld season 2, while Caleb’s colleague recommendations a seven-year anniversary given that the troubles of season 3’s finale. At no factor does Christina or Maya acknowledge Rehoboam’s failure, the change, or anything that could determine when these scenes are occurring. Westworld has pulled this technique in the past, certainly, with season 1 revealing the Man in Black throughout both his innocent more youthful years and today day.

Westworld has actually been threatening a far-future time jump since 2018, when season 2’s finale revealed a William host undertaking integrity examinations at a long-abandoned Forge beneath WestWorld – carried out, no less, by his dead little girl. As far as audiences know, this still hasn’t happened in Westworld season 4’s present. One more tease then was available in season 3’s post-credits, when Bernard awoke from the Sublime covered in dirt. Jeffrey Wright’s human-friendly host aimed to have actually been resting fairly time, though season 4 hasn’t yet attended to the character’s fate. Perhaps Westworld’s Christina arc will lastly pay off William’s fidelity examinations and Bernard’s awakening by dragging season 4 into the future.

Who Made Christina’s World, Where Is It & Why?

Westworld season 4’s Hoover Dam scene proves they’re now making moves, and possess the resources to make their ambitions reality. If any new parks get built in Westworld’s future, this dastardly digital duo will almost certainly be responsible.

Westworld could’ve subtly disclosed where the park is located currently. When William meets the cartel in season 4’s “The Auguries,” the mobsters review exactly how Delos has been hectic acquiring pointless scrub land around Arizona as well as Nevada. Large stretches of dry, seemingly-useless land are excellent for building brand-new amusement park, so possibly Hale constructed a fake New York near Hoover Dam. Having claimed that, the Westworld season 4 trailer’s shot of the Tower off New York’s shore looked strangely like the real point. Has New York City itself been changed right into a park?

Assuming Hale and William are the ones behind Christina’s world, why would hosts be enslaving other hosts? Another explanation is that Christina’s world is populated by both hosts and humans. Any troublesome hosts are then thrown into the park to unknowingly perform admin functions … like writing narratives for the NPCs.

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