What a collection! KGF or Beast .. The leader of the association who broke the truth!

The Beast movie directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Commander Vijay will be released on the 13th of this month and is running successfully in the theaters. However, various criticisms have been leveled at the film as it has not been well received.

This is because the day after the film’s release, KGF2, directed by Prasanth Neil and starring Rocking Star Yash, clashes head-on with the Beast movie in theaters.

It has been reported on social media that KGF2 has surpassed the expectations of the fans and has achieved a record collection.

But it is not entirely known in other states that this is not entirely true, but in Tamil Nadu it is certain that not only Commander Vijay’s Beast, but also the strength of Thala Ajith, superstar Rajini’s Annatha can not be collected by KGF2, said Tirupur Subramaniam, President of the Theater Owners’ Association.

In addition, the movie Beast was released in 900 theaters out of a total of one thousand theaters in Tamil Nadu alone. Despite the mixed reviews for the film, it peaked at No. 1 and grossed a staggering five days.

And Beast is not a good movie, it’s not a good story. In his interview, Tirupur Subramaniam said that the film is accumulating revenue only for the mass show.

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