What a test this was for Parthiban

Parthiban is a person who can be respected by all as a good director rather than a good actor. He has captivated the fans with his many different works. The director of the last similar shoe film received everyone’s praise.

In this case, he is currently filming the shadow of the night. This picture was taken in a single shot. The Guinness Book of World Records is also being sent out. In this situation, the thing that Parthiban threw the mic at the music launch of the film recently exploded.

But many were talking positively about the vision. Parthiban also released a video explaining it and apologizing to Robo Shankar. And Parthiban has been working hard for almost two years for the night shadow film.

In this case, Parthiban’s originally taken inside and outside film contained obscene words. Thus the big question is how Parthiban bought the censor for that film. But then the sensor is not that strict.

In this case, there are so many obscene verses in the shadow film of the night. Those who have worked on the film say that it is full of pornography that you have to close your eyes along with your ears.

The image has not yet been sent to the sensor. Going to the sensor will definitely delete some scenes in the film. Already the shadow picture of the night is almost 100 minutes. The time of the film is more likely to decrease if some of these scenes are removed.

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