What Ajith fans did against Vijay movie .. Is there no end to this fight

Ajith – Vijay

Actor Ajith and Commander Vijay are celebrated by the fans as the top stars of Tamil cinema.

The fight between the two fans has been going on several times on Twitter.

Beast movie starring Vijay will be released on the 13th. The next day, the KGF2 film starring Yash is released.

Screenwriters are saying that there will be fierce competition between these two films

The thing the fans did against Vijay

In this case, Ajith fans will be celebrating the first day of the film in support of KGF2, which will be released against Vijay Beast.

The banner is currently being released on social media and is going viral. Here is the photo ..

Is the ticket price for the movie Beast so many thousands .. this did not happen even for Ajith’s strength movie ..

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