What All Items Can Contestants Bring on Alone?


Surviving in the wilderness completely alone and at nature’s mercy is not an easy feat. Yet several individuals enlist themselves on History Channel’s reality seriesAlone‘ that puts them under some of the most grueling challenges nature has to offer. Thankfully for the contestants, they are allowed to carry a selective bunch of items along with them that makes their job a little bit easier.

With their endurance, knowledge, and quick thinking, many contestants have used these seemingly everyday items to a great effect to pull themselves out of dire conditions. Those curious about what things the survivalists are allowed to carry along and which ones are prohibited, here’s a comprehensive collection of all the items that the contestants can choose from.

‘Alone’ is slightly different from other survival shows because the contestants themselves film the footage, documenting their time in the wilderness. Therefore, they are required to carry some technical equipment along with them. The camera equipment is accompanied with a GPS tracker and the brick cell phone that the participants can use to tap out and call to be rescued. Aside from this, the contestants are also allowed to carry a bunch of items known as the “Gear List,” that do not count towards their quota of survival items.

These items include a pair of high-leg hunting boots, a pair of waterproof Arctic winter boots, a single T-shirt, a shirt (made of fleece/wool), 2 sweaters (made of wool, fleece, or cotton), 6 pairs of woolen socks, 2 hats (brimmed, wool, fur, Arctic or baseball), 2 buffs or neck gaiter (no balaclavas), a shemagh or scarf, 4 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of underwear or briefs, an insulated parka-style jacket, 2 pair of outdoor pants/bibs (can unzip into shorts), a pair of fully insulated or waterproof winter pants/bibs, a waterproof un-insulated shell/Jacket, 2 pairs of thermal underwear (long top and bottom), and a pair of gaiters.

Along with the mentioned list of clothing apparel that should not exceed the given quantity, participants can also carry 1 leather or synthetic belt, 1 toothbrush, 1 pair of eyeglasses, and 1 personal photograph. This list of items has remained mostly unamended over the course of the show’s lengthy run. The special items that the contestants can choose ten items from are as follows – 12×12 ground cloth/tarp, 8-mm climbing rope (10 meters in length), 550 Paracord (80 meters in length), 3-mm non waxed cotton cord (40 meters in length) all of which help in constructing a sturdy and protective shelter.

Multi-seasonal sleeping bag, bivi bag, sleeping pad, and hammock, which help in getting a good night’s sleep and cooking items like a large pot, steel frying pan, flint or Ferro rod set (with a standard-sized striker), enamel bowl (for eating), spoon, and water bottle, are also among the special items. The items for hygiene are also considered a luxury in the wilderness and fall under the “special items” list. Acceptable items are as follows – bar of soap, toothpaste tube (8-oz), face flannel, dental floss roll (40-mm), small bottle bio shower soap, shaving razor (and 1 blade), towel (30” x 60”), and comb.

The utility tools are arguably the most useful of the lot. Tools contestants can choose from include pocket knife, hunting knife (max blade length of 10 inches), Leatherman multi-tool, sharpening stone, a roll of duct tape (or roll of electrical tape), a small shovel, small sewing kit, carabiner, LED flashlight, pair of ice spikes, scotch-eyed auger, adze, 2-handed draw knife (max blade length 5 inches), hatchet, saw (max blade length 3 feet), ax.

Contestants can also pick from a list of hunting equipment that comprises a primitive bow (recurve or longbow) with 9 arrows, small-gauge gill net, slingshot/catapult with 30 steel ball bearings (and a replacement band), net foraging bag, 20 or 21-gauge trapping (snare) wire (2 lbs), solid block of salt (3 lbs). The following food items can also be carried as a part of the ten special items: beef jerky (2 lbs), dried pulses/legumes/lentils mix (2 lbs), biltong (2 lbs), hardtack military biscuits (2 lbs), chocolate (2 lbs), pemmican (2 lbs), GORP (raisins, chocolate, peanuts; max 2 lbs), flour (2 lbs), and rice, sugar, and salt (2/3 lbs each).

Contestants are only allowed to carry one of each of the ten items they choose for their “Gear List.” Items that are prohibited include (but are not limited to) Fuel, lighters, or matches, bug spray/mosquito repellant, sunscreen/chapstick, coolers, goggles, crossbows, cellphones, watches, tents, animal poison, beauty products, fishing equipment, map, etc. Compass is also on the prohibited items list, but contestants have used it on the show before. The list of acceptable special items is regularly amended at the start of each season.

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