What are the achievements of Vijay Beast in the collection by 2022 – Full Details

Vijay’s Beast movie is 16 days old and the scenes of the movie are declining. Looks like the Beast will be over in 25 days too.

Though the Beast story did not appeal to the masses, the film has been running for so long for the name Vijay, which is the truth. But the production team for the film would have definitely taken the money.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

The record of the film

Yash starrer Kgf 2 has been on a good collection hunt since Beast slipped a bit. Now the film is priced at Rs. 1000 crore.

Vijay’s Beast film has also made some achievements despite receiving bad reviews. That is, Vijay’s Beast has done some things, breaking the record of films released so far in 2022.

It is the highest grossing film of 2022 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and all over the world.

Actress Samantha who cut the cake and celebrated her birthday- look who

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