What Do the Characters’ Masks signify In Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-san?

What Do the Characters' Masks signify In Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-san?
What Do the Characters' Masks signify In Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-san?

Fans of the series have most likely understood that Honda uses masks to hide the identities of his co-workers, but do they have a deeper meaning?

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-San is a quirky, comical slice-of-life anime that concentrates on the real-world experiences of its developer Honda, that functioned as a clerk in the manga division of a Japanese bookstore. The mangaka makes use of a collection of various masks to protect the identities of her associates.

However, these masks are not just used for a functional purpose, but are instead carried out to symbolically stand for each personalities’ character, hobbies or show aspects of Japanese culture.

Bunny Head

Bunny Head is just one of Honda’s younger coworkers at the book shop, that cares for the pc gaming area. The bunny (usagi) mask that she puts on has actually likely been employed to represent her young age. Within various societies as well as customs, rabbits have been related to youth and also fertility.

The Usagi has actually frequently been utilized as a symbol of selflessness. The Moon Rabbit is a well-known mythological story contained within the Japanese compilation Konjaku Monogatarishū, which represents deeds of excellent generosity.

The fable offers acts of charity by an ape, fox, and rabbit after they witness a passing beggar. In an effort to help subdue the stranger’s hunger the fox accumulates fish, while the ape collects fruits. However, considering that the rabbit is not as resourceful as the others, they choose to burn the yard that they’ve collected and also throw themselves right into the fires as an offering. Excited by the rabbit’s self-sacrifice, the beggar reveals himself as the Emperor and also sends them to the Moon to be their guardian.

Within standard Japanese working society, it’s usually expected that more youthful workers will certainly give up a better quantity of their time to build up experience and also assist their corresponding business and also senpai. As a junior within Honda’s bookstore, it’s most likely that Rabbit Head would attempt to help her older and also a lot more skilled coworkers as frequently as feasible to pay her regard and impress. The Usagi mask that Honda has actually used to represent her, is likely a representation of these beliefs.


Okitsune is just one of Honda’s senior associates that supervise of the comics section and also has a details concentrate on books released by Kondansha. Okitsune shows an authentic gratitude for her associates and also will likely be the very first to protect them when they are dealt with badly. She can be rather abrasive, unprofessional and also frequently makes use of obscenity.

Honda’s use a fox (kitsune) mask to hide her identity has actually been made use of to show both her caring and also edgy character. Within Japanese folklore, kitsune are typically depicted as creatures that possess paranormal capabilities and also stay in harmony with humans.

They are commonly identified as either good-hearted beings who are faithful friends as well as guardians (zenko) or mischievous creatures that can not be relied on (yako). Okitsune’s personality seemingly bridges the gap in between this duality and also has been employed by Honda to symbolically highlight both her appeal as well as fiery personality.


Ko-omote is another junior at Honda’s bookstore who takes care of the boys’ love as well as teen like manga racks. The Ko-omote (” small face”) mask that she uses is a piece of typical Japanese head wear that is commonly made use of in Noh, a type of classic dance-drama that has been performed considering that the 14th century.

While these masks can represent a wide-range of emotions, values as well as concepts, the Ko-omote mask that this worker uses has actually likely been picked by Honda-san to represent charm as well as virtue. It appears that Honda acknowledged this certain associate for her captivating look, cuteness, as well as youth and chose that this mask was the best depiction of these personality type.

Armor and also Kendo

2 of Honda’s coworkers wear masks pertaining to dealing with and swordsmanship. While Kendo-san is soft-spoken, Honda notes that he is qualified as well as extremely solid of lifting lots of heavy publications with marginal initiative. Contrasted to most of the masks that are utilized throughout the program, the Kendo mask (Bōgu) that this personality uses is less or cryptic in folklore.

Honda’s use this mask to represent this character is probably a representation of the hobby that he or she gone after outside their time at work. Since Kendo requires substantial devotion to master, they likely invested a good deal of their spare time practicing this skill.

Shield’s mask deviates from Japanese practices as well as rather is largely based on a western medieval knight. She is among Honda’s superiors and supervises of the boys’ love comics section. Shield is a full fan-girl when it comes to male idolizers and also BL, and also takes some of her colleagues to see shows including the boys that she appreciates. The knight’s helmet, is probably a reference to the classical ideal of the heroes, that she invests her time fawning over.


Azarashi (seal) is Honda’s editor at Kadokawa and also is represented after the animal she is named after. While this personality is voiced by a man, her sex was overturned for the show.

Unlike many of the various other personalities within the series, Azarashi requested that she was drawn as an infant harp seal. Due to the fact that it’s her favorite animal as well as due to the fact that it offers a visual pun, this is most likely. As an editor, it’s her responsibility to examine Honda’s work and give her seal of approval to green light the project.

Other Characters

The definition behind a few other personalities’ masks are either for even more simplified or personal factors. Yōsetsu Mask appearance is possibly as a result of him being a former auto mechanic or design enthusiast, while Full-Face’s look is likely due to his love for motorcycles.

Various other masks have actually been chosen to highlight the persons’ disposition. Gas Mask is an ideal instance of this, in which his cynical and calm nature are accentuated by the properly tight-fitting mask that Honda has picked-out.

The option of a paper bag for Kamibukuro is a little bit a lot more tricky to figure out. Generally, at least in western-media, when a brownish paper bag is put over someone’s head it suggests that they are hideous. This analysis would be rather weird when considering that paper-bag kun is one of Honda’s closest buddies and also senior colleagues.

Having stated this, Honda-san has a strangely dark sense of humor, so this may be a possible description. Kamibukuro has actually been revealed to be usually vulnerable and also rather abundant to panicking. It’s consequently most likely that the paper bag is a referral to their heavy breathing, which they might frequently be seen doing to calm themselves down.

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