What does Bharti Singh’s son ‘Gola’ look like?

Mumbai (Bureau) – Fans are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Bharti Singh’s darling Prince Gola but Aditya Narayan has revealed what the comedian’s son looks like. Every time comedian Bharti Singh has given birth to a son, everyone is waiting to see a glimpse of his beloved Prince Gola. Fans want to know what Bharti and Harsh’s son looks like. The Indian has not yet revealed his son’s face but Aditya Narayan has revealed what the comedian’s son looks like.

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What does an Indian sphere look like?

In fact, Aditya Narayan Bharti and Harsh are friends and work together. Aditya is one of the lucky ones who has seen the Indian bullet. Aditya has said that he considers Bharti as his sister and Harsh as his brother. He also said that there was a gap of only 40 days between his daughter and Bharti’s son. Aditya’s daughter was born on February 24, while Bharti and Harsh’s son was born on April 3. Aditya said that whenever they meet each other, they talk about their children.

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Cute is the Indian sphere

Aditya said that whenever Bharti and Harsh meet, they show videos of Gola. Gola looks cute and her eyebrows haven’t come up yet. Fans are eagerly waiting to see their son. Bharti and Harsh call their son Gola because he is round and very cute. Now let’s see when an Indian shows his son’s face.

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